Dialectics and Culture

E.V. Ilyenkov and methodological problems of political economy

15 – 16 April 2023

The conference will be held on the ZOOM platform

Call for papers

Russian Philosophical Society
Center for Contemporary Marxist Studies, Faculty of Philosophy,
Moscow State University
Eastern Branch of the Kazakhstan Philosophical Congress – (Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk)
XXIV International Scientific Conference

Ilyenkov Readings

The International Scientific Conference “Ilyenkov Readings-2023” is organized by the Russian Philosophical Society “Dialectics and Culture” with the active participation of scientific and theoretical centers in Russia and Kazakhstan. The objective of the conference is to discuss scientific and theoretical research on the designated topic with the subsequent preparation of materials for publication.

The Program Committee of the Readings plans to discuss the following range of issues:

• E.V. Ilyenkov on the method of thinking

• Ilyenkov’s study of the dialectical form

• The dialectics of categories of thinking in Ilyenkov’s work

• The nature of political economy

• The emergence of the science of political economy

• The subject and method of political economy

• The historical development of political economic relations

• Marx and classical political economy

• Marx’s method in the study of socio-economic reality

• Ilyenkov’s analyzes of political economic problems

• The category of the ideal and the concept value

• Comprehension of labor in classical philosophy and classical political economy

• Labor theory of value and the problem of historical subjectivity

• Criticism of political economy as applied logic. The problem of consistency and boundaries of science

• Dialectics of the abstract and concrete as a method of solving fundamental problems of political economy

• Value as an essential social relation: shaping, immanent boundary

• The problem of the socialization of labor as the formation of freedom in E.V. Ilyenkov

• Political economy and social cybernetics

• Ideas of E.V. Ilyenkov in the context of V.M. Glushkov

• Ilyenkov on the problems of the political economy of socialism

• Criticism of the “diffusion” of the state and the market: the dispute between Ilyenkov and Yu.A. Zhdanov

• The problem of alienation under socialism in the manuscripts of Ilyenkov

Applications with a full author’s note and a brief annotation of the proposed topic (within one file that does not contain tables, named after the applicant’s name) are sent to lobastov.g.v@yandex.ru by March 27, 2023.

The reference should indicate:

❖ Full name

❖ Place of work (country, city, organization, faculty, department, etc.)

❖ Position, academic degree, scientific title

❖ Contact phone

❖ email

The Reading Program will be announced by April 5, 2023 Materials for publication will be accepted until May 15, 2023, limited in scope and content only to the essence of the matter; are performed in WORD format in the following location of the material: full name; article title; links within text. Everything is the same size. No tables. The conference will be held free of charge in Russian

Contact phones: 8-903-126-03-60; 8-921-265-17-09

(Lobastov Gennady Vasilyevich)

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