ifi.2022 Timetable

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Room W3.07 Whitty Wing
UCL Institute of Education (IOE)
20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

Times are UTC (London)

 Friday 11 November
09.00Doors open
09.15Take seats or login to Zoom
09.45Logic, History and the Germ Cell Andy Blunden
10.15The problem of subjectivity in the context of organisational practices Natalia Listratenko
11.15Idols and Ideals: Ilyenkov and the Evolution of “real Socialism” Mikhael Konashev
11.45Returning to Hegel (and forward): Evald Ilyenkov’s On the Dialectic of the Abstract and the Concrete in Scientific Thought Isabel Jacobs
12.15How Ilyenkov helps us understand Marx’s use of Hegel in Capital Andy Higginbottom
13.45Exploring the Universal Lars Taxén
14.15Developing an understanding of ‘Personality’; following the path between Evald Ilyenkov’s philosophy to A.R. Luria’s ‘Romantic  Science’ Ian Jasper
14.45The neglected role of ‘causal powers realism’ in Ilyenkov’s philosophy and political economy Andrew Brown
15.30Keynote: Dialectics of the abstract and the concrete in the enactive approach Ezequiel Di Paolo
16.45Keynote: Ilyenkov, Education and Philosophy David Bakhurst
17.45Book launch of Ilyenkov: Cosmos & Praxis Sascha Freyberg
 Saturday 12 November
09.00Doors open
09.15Take seats or login to Zoom
09.30Ilyenkov and the Renaissance of Soviet philosophy in the second half of the 20th century Vladislav Lektorsky
09.45Marxism and the problem of radical negativity: Evald Ilyenkov vs Slavoj Žižek Maxim Morozov
To the notion of ideals Gennady Lobastov
10.15Conceptual Development and Knowledge-production Siyaves Azeri
11.15Ilyenkov and the Problem of Alienation Rogney Piedra Arencibia
11.45The Universal Animal – Reason as the active principle of human nature Martin Persch
12.15The Dialectics of the Ideal and the Material in Music: Insights from Ilyenkov for a Marxist Ethnomusicology Ali Gedik
13.45Evald Ilyenkov and the crisis of Soviet Marxism Giorgi Kobakhidze
14.15The transmigration of the Ideal: Ilyenkov and Intuitionism Filipe Felizardo
14.45Ilyenkov’s contribution to dialectics and the problem of deduction Giannis Ninos
15.30Ilyenkov’s legacy in Ukraine Sergey Alushkin
16.00Ilyenkov’s cry from the heart Corinna Lotz
16.45Saving Private Spinoza: Is thinking “a property, a predicate, an attribute” of human body? Andrey Maidansky
17.15Concluding discussion

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