ifi.2022 Papers

Presenter + link to abstractLink to paper
Sergei AlushkinIlyenkov’s legacy in Ukraine video
Siyaves AzeriConceptual Development and Knowledge-production
Andy BlundenLogic, History and the Germ Cell + video
Isabel JacobsReturning to Hegel (and forward): Evald Ilyenkov’s On the Dialectic of the Abstract and the Concrete in Scientific Thought
Mikhail KonashevIdols and Ideals: Ilyenkov and the Evolution of “real Socialism”
Vladislav LektorskyIlyenkov and the Renaissance of Soviet philosophy in the second half of the 20th century
Natalia ListratenkoThe problem of subjectivity in the context of organisational practices
Corinna LotzIlyenkov’s cry from the heart
Andrey MaidanskySaving Private Spinoza: Is thinking “a property, a predicate, an attribute” of human body?
Maxim MorozovMarxism and the problem of radical negativity: Evald Ilyenkov vs Slavoj Žižek
Giannis NinosIlyenkov’s contribution to dialectics and the problem of deduction
Martin PerschThe Universal Animal – Reason as the active principle of human nature
Rogney Piedra ArencibiaIlyenkov and the Problem of Alienation
Lars Taxen Exploring the Universal video
Gennady LobastovTo the notion of ideals (to be incorporated in Maxim Morozov’s presentation)
Andrew BrownReflections on, and developments since, two IFI presentations:
Ilyenkov’s Dialectical Logic: Chapters 1-2 video
Social activity as key to connecting mind and world video