Discoveries in the Ilyenkov archive

Andrey Maidansky explains what has been found in the archive belonging to Ilyenkov’s daughter Illesh:

Q&A to Andrey Maidansky, IFI webinar 13 January 2022

Here’s a transcript of the questions and answers kindly provided by Andrey Maidansky.       

Additional questions

Miguel Borrajo: I wanted to ask about affect and the new post-cognitivist proposals. For example, the whole extended theory of mind, ecological psychology and 4e cognition in general. Are these approaches close to Ilyenkov’s theory?

Ralph Dumain: What was Ilyenkov’s general assessment of Lukacs on dialectics? Interesting questions about Bogdanov, Carnap. I didn’t know about anti-Carnap views, but I haven’t read everything in English. I do recall Ilyenkov’s dislike of neopositivism.  Of what has been mentioned, it seems that priorities for further English translation would be Ilyenkov’s relation to other thinkers discussed.

A Brown: Thanks for answer on Lukacs. Your answer re. ontology very interesting. Relevant to current Western debates (e.g. Roy Bhaskar’s critical realism which emphasises ontology; also Lukacs currently influential [e.g, amongst group of Marxist economists in Brazil, as it happens])

Could you tell us a bit more about the discussions with Zinoviev and other philosophers regarding Marx’s method?

Names and books mentioned:

“Why was Idols and Ideals supressed?”

“Dialiéctika idealnovo”, can be read in Evald Iliénkov. Iskusstvo i kommunistícheski ideal, Moskva, 1984

Ukraintsev, the director of Philosophy Institute

Sympathetic to Ilyenkov: Kopnin, Lektorsky

Leo Naumenko who worked in Obninsk, a physics institute, where Ilyenkov gave talks.

Photos of Naumenko:

Boris Batishchev

Russian to English translation recommended by Andrey:

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